French Copy Editor & Writer

Lexicos team member Valerie Bilodeau
Valerie Bilodeau

Valérie has been enthusiastically writing all kinds of content over the last twelve years: press releases, pamphlets, programs, advertising, newsletters, invitations, annual reports, web pages, social media, grant applications, among other things. Finding that catchy sentence that will get the reader’s attention is one of her greatest pleasures. Among the many projects she has worked , she notably collaborated with Culture Montréal, on the development of web project, a bilingual lexicon for arts and culture that is now integrated into the OQLF (Office québécois de la langue française)’s Grand dictionnaire terminologique, an online terminological database. Valérie is certified by the SQRP in writing and proofreading and holds a BA in Literature and a Certificate in communication from UQAM.